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Nancy Threlfall
Nancy S. Threlfall

How Great Web Sights will establish
your presence on the web

  1. After an initial consultation where you describe your site requirements, we provide a proposal detailing our costs for developing a site plan, creating the design, developing content (an optional service, you can provide your own), and web mastering the site.
  2. After agreeing to the proposal, we develop a site plan detailing how many pages the site will include and how the navigation between the pages will be structured.
  3. Once you agree to the site plan, we develop an initial graphic look for your site and test mount it on our site for you to review. Any copy that is required will be submitted for your approval prior to including it in the site design.
  4. After your approval of the initial graphic look and copy, we continue with the individual pages and test mount the entire site for your approval.
  5. During the test mount phase we continually revise the site until you are satisfied with its appearance and performance.
  6. When the test site has been finally approved, we optimize the pages, register the site with the appropriate search engines, and upload the site to your site host.

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